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Supporting families living with dementia

Our team is trained to support people living with dementia and provide sensitive and appropriate care in a safe, understanding environment.

A resident of George Hythe House residential care home, LeicesterAt George Hythe House, around two-thirds of our residents are living with dementia. All of our staff are Dementia Friends, and we aim to support people to be happy, calm and relaxed, despite the distressing confusion that dementia can sometimes create for an individual.

New residents with dementia are always welcome, whatever stage their condition has reached. We know that while dementia can change the way a person communicates and sometimes the way they interact with people, we understand that the person underneath all that still remains.

We engage with people to enable them to tap into treasured memories from their earlier lives and to remember the joy and happiness they experienced then. Our team works hard to make sure that people who are living with dementia enjoy each day with us, stay safe and feel as comfortable and reassured as possible.

We also work closely with families, who can find the effects of dementia on people they care about very distressing. We’ll share our experiences with you and make sure you have the support you need to enjoy spending time here with your loved ones.

"I want to congratulate you on the exemplary care given by your staff at George Hythe House. They consistently show kindness and patience towards my mum. Her condition can be distressing to us as family members and the staff exercise sensitivity towards us all."

Holmfield Dementia Day Care Centre

Next door to George Hythe House is Holmfield Dementia Day Care Centre, a separate, specialist day centre which supports people from the local Leicestershire community who have dementia. People who live at George Hythe House can choose to access additional services at Holmfield if they wish.